The Interzum, one of the world’s largest fairs for furniture suppliers and interior design, recently opened its doors in Cologne. Among the exhibitors was P&G Konzept, representing themselves for the first time without Pickhardt & Gerlach.

Pickhardt and Gerlach is a traditional company with over 120 years of experience in the furniture industry. “We have always put a lot of effort into meeting the specific requirements of our customers”, said Hendrik Knoop, Managing Director of Pickhardt & Gerlach and initiator of P&G Konzept. “In preparation for Interzum, our dedicated team worked diligently to expand the Modulation N° 16 tube connecting system and the Wardrobe rail system N° 25 with three new surfaces and made them available from stock for the international market.”

Modulation N° 16, the tube connecting system, and the Cabinet tube system N° 25 from P&G Konzept impressed visitors with a variety of features. The quick connection of tubes and connectors allows for flexible and individual furniture production. The high stability ensured by the brass tube with a steel core produced by Pickhardt and Gerlach makes the system ideal for various applications in the furniture and design industry. “Our visitors were excited about the simplicity and endless design possibilities of the tube connecting system. Interior designers, carpenters, and architects, in particular, benefit from the system’s minimalist and modular design for their work.”

P&G Konzept’s attendance at the fair was made possible in cooperation with NRW.Global Business GmbH. “It was a complete success!” summarized Hendrik Knoop. “With the market launch of the Modulation N° 16 tube connecting system from P&G Konzept, now available in five different surfaces, Pickhardt and Gerlach has achieved a new milestone in its company history. We are looking forward to the future developments of P&G Konzept and are already excited about the upcoming projects.”