/Pharmacy store design with P&G Konzept

A Spanish store designer creates a unique shopping experience with P&G Konzept, elegantly bridging the areas of medicine, beauty, and natural pharmacy. The pharmacy, designed by Creative Director and Designer Alejo Lozal of Apotheka in Spain, combines P&G Konzept’s brass tube connection system Modulation N° 16 with oak wood shelves and drawers. The shelving unit, divided into two sections, offers the possibility to cleverly place the sales area and storage space within one shelf. Alejo Lozal’s design is a prime example of a successful store design concept where functionality and design are intuitively combined.

Whether in matt brass, polished brass, bronzed or black, P&G Konzept collaborates with its network of project partners to create unique living and retail spaces. These partners benefit from the high quality of the material concept and understand how to fulfill extraordinary customer requests using a combination of wood, glass, stone or light.