/P&G Konzept - start-up with 120 years of experience

Pickhardt und Gerlach is a Westphalian manufacturer of technical and decorative tubes with a long corporate tradition. We have been designing and producing tubes and tube accessories since 1902. In 2016, Pickhardt und Gerlach’s brass tube connecting systems were used for the first time as the basis for urniture design and exclusive interior installations.

Inspired by the exceptionally aesthetic impact of the design, the decision was made to fund the brand P&G Konzept. Under this label, we consistently follow the vision of making tubes combinable with various materials, thus creating timeless and personally crafted design objects.

In direct collaboration with carpenters and interior designers, P&G Konzept’s tube connecting systems can be implemented in store design and living spaces according to individual preferences. We provide flexible options, allowing materials like brass, wood and stone to be crafted into unique, character-filled products.

P&G Konzept acts as an attentive partner in every project, aiming to fully satisfy preferences for creative freedom.

For more information about our company and products, please visit: https://www.pickhardt-gerlach.de/