Space without compromise


A high-end bathroom design often impresses with sophisticated elements. Starting with towel racks and ending with washstands and shelves, Modulation N° 16 offers the possibility to create wellness oases tailored to every individual needs.


/dressing room

The wardrobe is a stylish and practical piece of furniture for any room. Due to the minimalist aesthetics and high quality materials, it adds a touch of timeless elegance to any entrance hall or bedroom. In case of particular load, we recommend combining modulation N° 16 with the wardrobe tube N° 25.


P&G Konzept strives to create an emotional experience for the user. Furniture, or furnishing elements should ideally convey a feeling of comfort and security, while maintaining a timeless design. This emotional experience is particularly applied in bedrooms, where the tube connecting system can be used to create unique oases of calm.

/living area

The tube connecting system can be effortlessly integrated into any interior style in the living area. It is equally suitable for delicate shelves, libraries, media walls or as a cocktail bar.

Invisibly or visibly screwed, combined in different colors and up to a length of max. 5m, P&G Konzept can be used to create rooms that reflect your personality.

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